Additional Resources

If you or a loved one are faced with a DUI offense, refer to the links below of Florida's Courts and Florida's Judicial and Legal System.
  • Florida Supreme Court - General information about the Supreme Court of Florida, Court news, high profile cases, summaries of cases pending before the Supreme Court, the Court calendar, and other Court-related current events.

  • Florida District Courts - General information and listing of Florida District Courts

  • Florida Circuit Courts - General information and listing of Florida Circuit Courts, links to the Circuit Courts web sites.

  • Florida County Courts - Description of the County Courts, list of County Clerk web sites.

    To help a friend or loved one gain release from custody, contact a bail bondsman. - CLICK HERE

    Depending on the particular case, special alcohol classes may be required, and / or may help in your DUI defense. - CLICK HERE

    To obtain information about someone you know that has been arrested, please contact the police department where they are being held. Click here for the Jacksonville Sheriffs Office. - CLICK HERE

  • Florida County Jails - County jails and detention facilities in the State of Florida.   Inmate searches included in some locations.